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Chesapeake and Alaska Decoys

MIKE ROBINSONS CHESAPEAKE and ALASKA DECOY COMPANY and Alaska Waterfowl Hunting                     Also see
My family history on the Chesapeake bay in Maryland includes living near the most famed waterfowl areas in North America including the Susquehanna flats, Bush rivers and Millers Island. I had read stories about the unbelievable Alaska Duck Hunting, which even today really is the Last Frontier of Wildfowling. My then young family and I moved to a remote part of Alaska and out of necessity I developed the Alaska school of wood working decoys in the 1970's. This is the last original school of wood waterfowl decoys made possible only because of Alaska and it's vast unspoiled marshes and light hunting pressure. Few realize that there has always been a direct connection between the Chesapeake bay and Alaska.  In the market hunting days on the Susquehanna flats, many of the Canvasback ducks came from the Fort Yukon area of Alaska.  The vast prime marshes there produced large numbers of Cans that flew cross continent passing over other flyways to get to the succulent wild celery at the head of Chesapeake bay.  Some believe that there even may have been a unique gene pool of large Cans that no longer exist or are now in very low numbers that once populated the Susquehanna flats during the gunning season.
On this site you will find Alaska school Wildfowl decoys, Shorebird, bird carvings and bird sculpture including modern, folk art and primitive types. I actually grew up in Maryland and have a long family history on the bay vs. known contemporary carvers that are not from the bay country. We also have for sale Alaska Call of the Wild handmade duck calls and Alaska wildfowl guided hunts over traditional wood decoys.  Bird Photography, Outdoor Adventure and Naturalist tours.

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Mallard Hen : Traditional Alaska school decoys are large magnum sizes with ultra light totally hollow body and head.  Unique realistic paint schemes with muted totally flat colors.  Carved indented wings over expanded side boxes.  Worlds only monocoque stressed skin design decoy body hollow to within and eight of an inch to the outer skin. These are are all hallmarks of the Alaska school of wildfowl carving.  Alaska school decoys are wood decoys taken to the ultimate conclusion of what a wood working decoy can be. Air weight ultra light and tough.  These decoys display the highest craftsmanship possible in a wood decoy. Buyers tell me they feel this is the first time they can buy into a school of working decoys as other schools started over a hundred years ago and for once they can buy at the bottom. These birds are original and not smoothie or reproduction decoys. Alaska school decoys range in prices of $485 to 680 depending on species and other factors.  Call or e-mail for recent market price.

Feeding Curlew Folk Art Shorebird.  I carve many styles and types of shorebirds.  Prices range from $175to 245 Call or e-mail            
ARCTIC TERNS. I carve many types of Northern birds including Terns.  Prices range from $330 to 475 and above. Call or e-mail
VISITING ALASKA? You can find my bird carving, decoys and sclupture at very select international art galleries in Alaska including the new and very large and modern Anchorage Museum store located in the Main Anchorage Museum on 7th avenue downtown.  We are also in Elaine S. Baker and Associates fine art annex located in the Captain Cook Hotel that services International flights into Anchorage and cruise ship arrivals.  We are also represented by the Blue Hollmon gallery located in mid-town Anchorage on 36th avenue.
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